bad people shouldnt be allowed to have clear skin or good hair or nice jaw lines or green eyes

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The best times to kiss a girl


When she’s babbling on about something. When you’re arguing. When you see her. When you’re with her. When you’re with your friends. When she cries. When shes happy. When she does something you love. After you ask her out. After she says she loves you. After you just kissed her. Before you leave. My point is, whenever you get the chance to kiss her, kiss her. It makes her feel loved. 

if you kiss me when we’re arguing i will punch you straight in the fucking jaw

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I drew my cat Olivia.


if you know me irl don’t follow me please

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Practicing some brushwork, trying to emulate Tamaki. 



Why did jesus change his hair colour?

He dyed for our sins

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If she only wants you, don’t worry about who wants her.
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